Roveda defines and pursues ethical and behavioral values that it considers fundamental for the proper functioning of its business, such as integrity, respect, and responsibility. It expects all employees and third parties connected to it to adopt behaviors in line with the highest professional and ethical standards.

In this regard, Roveda pays special attention to any behaviors that are not in line with these values and has implemented an internal channel that allows for reporting any concerns or suspicions regarding potential risks, improper or unlawful behaviors that may involve colleagues, suppliers, customers, or potential business partners of Roveda.

The methods for submitting reports, as indicated in Roveda’s Whistleblowing Procedure, are as follows:

Roveda ensures that the contents of the reports will always be handled promptly and confidentially, and that the reporters will be protected from any retaliation, as provided for by Legislative Decree 24/2023.

While Roveda prefers reporting through the internal channel, Legislative Decree 24/2023 allows, in some cases, the possibility of making a report through an external channel managed by the National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC).

The criteria for making reports through different channels are outlined in Roveda’s Whistleblowing Procedure.