Magic people,

magic shoes

“We all rush in unison to transform
true wishes into tangible emotions”

Nadia, CEO Roveda

We Are

For 60 years, our passion and enjoyment have helped our clients realise their dreams.

We support designers and their projects, from research of materials and components to prototype production.

We produce for both the most prestigious and well-established luxury brands while still being on the look out for emerging brands, in order to carry on experimenting fashion and tomorrow’s trends together.

Roveda is today one of the gems of the Italian footwear industry with more than 330 people employed. 50 of these are dedicated to the development of the product, and a reliable net of 30 well-established partners.

For more than 60 years, Roveda has grown and has transformed itself from a handcraft company into “an industrial scale lab with crafts know-how”. It organized itself to comply with dreams and needs of our clients in a more efficient way, by acquiring technologically advanced equipment. So as to have an outmost qualitative product and to improve our craftsmen working conditions.

Their hands and skills are in fact the key to our success, thanks to which our shoes gain their own individual and precious soul.


Situated only a few kilometres from Milan, the Capital of Italian Fashion, Roveda develops more than 1000 different footwear models per year of Italian, French, American and British brands.

Our Story

Since 1955, following his father’s footsteps, Giovanni Roveda and his wife, in a tiny workshop and with few employees, gave birth to Roveda’s brand. Very fast , the brand spread in shop windows of Milan and Paris. At the end of the Sixties, Roveda started to work with High Fashion brands like Lanvin, Roger Vivier, Chloè, Emmanuel Khanh, Christian Lacroix, Valentino, Gucci and finally in the Eighties with Chanel (who purchased the company in the year 2000).