Make shoes,
not war


Hey Babe,
Take a walk
on the lux side


To shoe,
or not to shoe,
this is not the question


All I require
are fabulous shoes!

The Italian

ROVEDA keeps the Italian craftsmanship tradition alive in the luxury shoe-making industry, thanks to its own Research and Development centre devoted to satisfy the Fashion designers wishes: “We translate their emotions into successes”.

Céline, Commercial Manager.

This was made possible thanks to the total control of the value chain in the steps of the shoe realization. From conception to production, attention to detail is key to our philosophy.

The Research and
Development Team

“Our shoes have souls”

Gianni, Product Development Manager

The careful selection of raw materials creates the ideal fusion between the technical and the aesthetical characteristics imagined by the fashion designers thanks to a long-standing experience and team work.

Through the years, the know-how acquired by Roveda has allowed creations of footwear requiring very different techniques whilst introducing its own creative thoughts.







“Keep calm, we’ll do it for you”

Massimo, Industrialization Manager

Our pattern-makers make the most of all available know-hows in the company and among our suppliers: CAD, 3D Printer, Scanner…

Through mechanization we transform a prototype into a product which can be made on an industrial scale. Starting from the fitting up to the confirmation of all components, we guarantee the fastest production processes in a simple and reliable way without neglecting quality and final costs.



product compliance


“We want Happy and Delighted shoes”

Enrico, Quality Manager

“ The Client who wears our shoes can feel all the passion that we’ve put in them… That’s the meaning of quality. ”

Enrico, Quality Manager

The Excellence of the materials used and the meticulous quality control create the perfection of the finished product.
Inside our laboratory, qualified staff and advanced technologies allow to carry out mechanical tests on leather soles and accessories. All components are tested before, during and after production. The numerous checks performed along the production flow will guarantee the flawlessness of our shoes.

leather control




“We’re never flat-footed”

Germano, Directeur Opération

“ To us, success is not making a lot of shoes. It’s making them on time, well and within the budget. In many small batches of ten, each one different. ”

Claudio, Planning and Purchasing Manager





“ Thanks to the collaboration of 200 and more staff members committed to production and of 30 long-standing contractors, Roveda offers its customers the guaranteed product of excellence. ”

Germano, Production Manager

Our productive process combines harmoniously experiences and know-hows of our own craftsmen with the latest sector technologies, among which an integrated management system implemented in 2015.