The attention
to sustainability

We pay special attention to environmental sustainability, for this reason we are very careful when using renewable sources and in recycling waste. In 2019 we created a company forest which in 10 years ‘s time will contribute in reducing 170,500 Kg of carbon dioxide. We are committed for the future and with this aim in mind we have no limits!

Even through small gestures,
we are committed to improve
the planet's sustainability on a daily basis.

We chose to create a “company forest” so as to actively contribute to the preservation of our planet. The Roveda Forest is a project shared with all our employees and the people who care about us. Explore our forest and surf the interactive map on to find out about tamarillo trees, callianders, pink ciders, macadamia trees and many more…

To preserve the planet earth’s natural resources is essential for us, for this reason since 2018, we meet our power needs thanks to the company A2A. Their trademark "electricity A2A, 100% renewable" guarantees an intake of electricity produced by renewable sources like solar energy as well as eolian, geothermal, biomass and water supplies so as to contribute to reducing pollution.


of electricity produced
by renewable sources

We take into great consideration the green aspect of waste disposal and its environmental impact. For this reason, we have chosen to recycle all waste material, thus allowing 96% of its own industrial and civil waste to be recycled, this contributing to the environment's preservation.


we recycle almost 100%
of total waste